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RWBK by the lake

RETUPERÄN WBK, The Retuperä Voluntary Fire Brigade Band, is without a doubt the world's best technology student orchestra from Aalto University that plays newer French horn music - "l'art nouveau francais". Retuperän WBK was founded in 1933 - coincidentally the same year that prohibition was lifted in Finland. For close to 80 years, Retuperän WBK has made its mission to cause disapproval amongst humorless people.

Retuperän WBK consists of more or less seven chemically enhanced fire fighters. In the musical output of these courageous men, one can easily point out the hand-picked and carefully placed correct notes within the constant flow of controlled chaos. This gives Retuperän WBK a distinctive quality that other orchestras can only try to emulate. Due to the stochastic nature of each of Retuperän WBK's performances, the audience and sometimes even the musicians themselves are stunned by the outcome. During its history, Retuperän WBK has toured around the most famous concert halls of the world - most of them from afar.

Retusointia SA-CD


Our newest recording Retusointia has received 5/5 critics from

They are the clowns of classical music, and I do hope someone puts them up for a Grammy.
Recommended to anyone with a sense of humour, and essential listening for those lonely people with perfect pitch.

John Miller, June 18th 2011

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RWBK rehearses every Tuesday, but the session doesn't always include playing. Our headquarters is, however, fully packed with instrument-owners, who by no means represent the fair sex. To become member you need not know how to play an instrument but beign owner of one is preferred. Auditions are made by calling +358 50 525 2191.


On gigs we play music among other things. Our music speaks for itself. Furthermore, the language won't be the barrier here. On gigs you can hear music such as Red #38, Barndomsminnen.


RWBK concert

Retuperän WBK performs at Finladia Hall every other year. Finlandia Hall concerts presents adaptions of unknown pieces of the greatest composers arranged by Simeon Suihkutsalo. Next concert in Finlandia Hall takes place in spring 2013. Occasionally RWBK concerts can be heard also in finnish provinces. See main page for on coming events.


Retuperä has made several recordings, though none of them were world or even national records. Some of them are available for sale:

  • Retuperän WBK:n valioita sarja 1, LP 1966
  • Retuperä Goes Crazy, LP 1968
  • Retuperän WBK:n valioita sarja 3, LP 1972
  • Retuperä Konserttilavoilla, LP 1973
  • Walpurin välilevy, EP 1983
  • Palaa taas, LP 1985
  • Palaa taas, CD 1985
  • Pomp and Circusdance, CD 1993
  • Elomme Päivät, CD 1996
  • Sammutuskalusto 1933-2003, 2xCD 2003 (in stock)
  • Retusointia, SA-CD 2011 (in stock)
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    To make your RWBK fire-order there are many ways to do it. The thing in common with them is that since we may be in a hurry for some reason or other, usually with no apparent reason, though, we encourage You to tell us well before the fire is about to take place. A professional fire protection needs thorough preparation. All non-flammable liquids need to be removed from the place of fire in order to guarantee unchallengeable propagation of the conflagration. We can take care of all drinkable and flammable material.

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